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The Hastings Health Centre’s Patient Portal, called My Health, is a new way for you to be involved in your health care. Please click here to book appointments, order repeat prescriptions, and other services.

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A large number of people have presented with symptoms of gastroenteritis to their doctor. There is a large outbreak of gastroenteritis among the Havelock North community and among people who may work, or have visited the community, and consumed contaminated water. The outbreak has been confirmed as being caused by campylobacter, with a high percentage of those tested showing positive results.

The Hastings District Council issued a boil water notice on Friday 12 August 2016 as a result of contamination found in the Havelock North water supply. In addition residents in Havelock North have been advised to boil their water before drinking or using it until the Boil Water Notice is lifted. 

Clinical presentation:

Advice to the public and health professionals is available on the District Health Board’s website and on Facebook and also includes information about campylobacter.


Fever and muscle aches

Stomach cramps and violent diarrhoea, which may become bloody

The diarrhoea can be very frequent – over 10 stools / day.

The illness can mimic appendicitis.

If you are sick - it is important that you keep drinking plenty of clear fluids.

Electrolyte replacement fluids are available from your pharmacy. Do not use sports drinks for rehydration.

Take Panadol 4 hourly for muscle aches and fever.

Antibiotics do not cure the illness.

The illness runs its natural course of approximately 7 days.


Campylobacter is not very infectious - you need faecal-oral transmission to occur to become infected.

Hand washing remains the most important means of preventing transmission within a house-hold. Use warm water and soap.

When to see your Doctor or Practice Nurse:

Pregnant women, the elderly who are frail or have other significant health problems such as heart or lung problems, the very young and immunocompromised patients should contact their doctor. People who are feeling very unwell and unable to keep any fluids down or if they have blood in their stool should also contact their doctor.

Your Health Care Professionals

Hastings Health Centre strives to provide services of the highest possible quality to meet all of your health requirements.

We are located right in the heart of Hastings City centre within easy reach of Havelock North and outlying areas. The Centre is open 365 days of the year from 8:00am to 8:00pm providing General Practice, Accidental and Medical, Radiological services along with many other allied and Specialist Services.


The Centre was established with you, the patient, in mind and houses nearly everything you may require under one roof.

Some of the services available include:


We always try to ensure you receive the highest quality service from us. We really appreciate any comments, suggestions or complaints in order to help us do that. Please click here to give us feedback.

Tell us what you think and complete a Patient Satisfaction Survey

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